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Connect with God through worship, be encouraged by prayers, all at your pace and schedule.

Our Story

Enjoy the peace and healing presence of God at home, in your car, or at work. Experience the same victory that David did as you encounter God’s heart anywhere, anytime on our worship radio.


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What makes Into the River different?

Monthly Soaking Worship

113 unique tracks

Stream exclusive soaking worship, inspired from the Psalms of David, on any device, anytime. Released monthly by Julie.

Prophetic Instrumentalists

Including Maurice sklar et al

We have invited some of the world’s best instrumentalists to accompany Julie as they sing and worship through the Psalms.

Available Anywhere

have internet? you’re all set.

You can enjoy all the content at your own pace because it is all available online through our custom designed account portal.

Treasure the Psalms

Enjoy hundreds of hours of exclusive worhsip.

Online, Anywhere

Available on any device, anytime.

Overcome like David

Learn life-changing lessons from David to enrich your walk with God.

Soaking Worship

Endless worship at the touch of a button.


What Our Members Say

I live in Hong Kong. Into the River is a wellspring to me. In the busyness of the city, it is my refuge to get away and simply be still with the Lord. Thanks Julie!

Daniel Black

Founding Director of Love Fest Global

I have found joy & peace; I have believed for wonder in singing to God. The word of God has so many texts on singing to God. Listening to soaking music for hours is such a great treat and gift.

Barbara Moore

Affiliate Professor at Metropolitan State University of Denver

Frequently Asked

What's Into the River?

Wanting a deeper relationship with God, Julie Meyer started singing through the Psalms and shared her spontaneous worship with others. Overtime, she added Bible studies & monthly interactive classes (through Facebook LIVE) to further help others grow in their walk with God.

Can I download the worship tracks on my computer?
While we are developing an iOS application for this purpose, we originally allowed people to download files, but many ran into issues (because Apple products typically require iTunes, which we don’t use, to facilitate this process). Thus, we began to stream the tracks, so all you need is an active internet connection and a compatible browser.
How do I join Interactive Classes?
Once you sign up, follow the instructions to receive an invite to the exclusive Facebook community. Then, whenever Julie goes LIVE (in this case, on the last Tuesday of each month), you’ll be notified to join. You will then be free to comment, like, or respond as you see fit.
How much is Into the River?

It’s just $14.99/m, or if you sign up for a year, it’s just $9.99/m (SAVE 33%!). Cancel anytime, and there’s a 30 day money back, no questions asked, guarantee.

30 day Guarantee

Enrich your life in God through prophetic soaking music straight from the Bible. Join hundreds of others today.

Endless soaking worship on any device, anytime!

At the push of a button, enjoy hours of newly released soaking worship and join together with hundreds of members from around the world as we are transformed by God’s Word.


Exclusive access to a library of over 1,440 minutes of worship.

Exclusive access to weekly Bible studies and their archives (65+).

Exclusive access to Into the River’s online community (100s of members).

Exclusive access to Interactive Classes and their archives (25+).

Everything Separately


+ Travel Expenses

That is what it would cost to enjoy all the types of content within Into the River separately.


We estimated that all the music, classes + studies together would cost up to $2,500.

We made all of this available for much less.


You choose what’s best for you:

Monthly at just $14.99 or yearly at only $9.99 (SAVE 33%).





Experience the same victories David did with an unending environment of prophetic worship.


Begin your journey today and recieve a free devotional by Julie Meyer entitled 7 Easy Steps to Sustain Your Prayer Life as our free gift to you!