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Smooth Stones

Most of us have seen the beautiful river stones that have been smoothed over by the waters of a river or stream. Some are used for landscaping and in masonry walls. There is something intriguing about how smooth a rough stone can become when it is washed over and over in a river. This process takes time and cannot be forced. Thus, one must rely on the water to do its work as it wants to.

We can imagine that water is a soft substance. However, water has the ability to slowly grind solid rocks down into sand or smooth rocks. For example, Jewelers use wet grinding stones that can smooth down gemstones and metals. It is the water on the stone that provides a better result than a dry stone.

When we allow the living waters of God’s Holy Spirit to wash in and through us, the same results are slowly happening; the rough places in our souls are slowly smoothed over and removed by the power of the water of the Spirit.

The Promise

Jesus promised us He would give us living waters. He also promised His disciples that they would be baptized in the Spirit with power and fire.

Fire is a metaphor here for a purifying encounter. For illustration, when raw gold ore is melted down in the fires of a smelter, the other minerals float to the top when everything is molten. Then a skilled worker can remove the other minerals and leave the remaining gold. This heat or fire is likened to the cleansing power of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Those things that trip us up in life can be removed! Sometimes they are removed quickly and sometimes they are removed slowly. The timing of this process is beyond our control. When we jump into a river we are releasing our control to the power of the river. When we surrender our lives to the cleansing power of God, we trust He will wisely and lovingly do His part to heal us and set us free from our problems.

Jesus encouraged the Samaritan woman (at the well) that she could have streams of living water inside her. This is a strange statement at face value, of course. Jesus was contrasting the natural water that came up from the well that she had come to that day. He was trying to tell her that the daily chore of coming to a well and getting a little water was so mundane compared to having the Life giving waters of the Spirit inside. These internal living waters could be accessed at any time without a long trip to a well!

River rocks need a constant source of water to become smooth. We also as God’s children need a constant source of the Spirit of God to become pure (holy or whole). We have been given God’s very own Spirit, the Holy Spirit!

Jump in the river. Surrender to its power! Trust in the ways of God to save you today!

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I live in Hong Kong. Into the River is a wellspring to me. In the busyness of the city, it is my refuge to get away and simply be still with the Lord. Thanks Julie!

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I have found joy & peace; I have believed for wonder in singing to God. The word of God has so many texts on singing to God. Listening to soaking music for hours is such a great treat and gift.

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